Wings not so good, night skiing worse

Continuing in my bane of 2-3 day posts I’m going to cover Sunday’s skiing, the latest round of 10c wings and tonight’s night skiing.

Today, I think, will forever be known by Alan, Caroline and Marie-Claire as the time Caroline sent me into the mud. Basically, we were all getting onto Fitzimmon’s Express. Me, Alan and MC got to the gate and went forward. Caroline, for whatever reason didn’t make it to the line, and when I looked back hadn’t got off the mark in time and was about an inch from the chair, which she promptly fell on. Problematically, she was sprawled across her own seat and mine. But by the time I had realised this had happened, the chairlift was an inch away from me, and I promptly fell on top of Caroline. Since I wasn’t properly on the seat I fell off and wound up in a load of sloppy, wet mud!

The lifties had decided that this whole thing wasn’t a good enough issue to hit the emergency stop, therefore stopping Caroline getting hurt by my wieght or me getting hurt in the fall. Anyway, I hopped on the next lift.

Caroline couldn’t have been more appologetic, Alan on the otherhand tried to make this my fault and filmed me rolling around in the snow trying to get the mudd off.

Tuesday: Wings
I think I sent about 50 emails setting this one up.

We made a booking at Joey Chan’s for 8:45, we arrived in time. However, they didn’t have a table for us. So we waited, for 30 minutes… we were offered some free drinks and wings to keep us going. We were seated before they arrived, so we expected the wings to be quite high in the queue. 1 hour after that, we still hadn’t seen them. I was going to call the guy over and inform him that we would leave without paying unless they arrived, but he had them in his hand the next time I saw him.

Wing consumption commenced. 120 wings were gone, as was another 2 pitchers. Our complimentary wings hadn’t arrived and we wanted some more. The guy was called again and another 20 minute wait ensued. Once the wings arrived we are satisfied that I managed to bring the wing record up to 40 wings in a night.

The bill arrives, no complimentary stuff had been added. We sent it back. The drinks were comped as expected, the wings hadn’t, and Steve seemed to think that we had had one pitcher less than was provided. Back again. All was now in order, although we had to prove to Steve that all was well.

In closing, I don’t think that Wing’s night will be a long term thing. We are a bit sick of them after 4.

Night Skiing
I’m getting tired of writing now, so I’ll just say that there’s nothing there for the non tricky skier or non beginner. The Magic Chair is very slow. So I went to Dominos and got an $11 Italian Sausage Pizza.


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