Meadow Park is rather nice

Last night me, Liam, Alan and Hayley hit up Meadow Park Sports Centre for some Gym and pool. Frankly, thats $42 well spent for 10 visits with locker rentals!

Gym is pretty well kitted out, everything is in pounds though which makes us kilo users confused. I can still run 1k in 6 minutes if I try (which I didn’t) and row 2k in 8 minutes. Not as unfit as I thought after those greesy breakys.

The pool was also good. There was a hoop and some balls for a game of pissaround waterpolo/basketball and a rope swing, which is how I chose to enter the water. Hot tub was nice, water looked a bit ming though and the steam room smelt strange.

We then scoured Whistler Village since I really wanted some Scrambled Eggs to go with the last of my Smoked Salmon, and my god it was totally worth it!

In other news, Liam is currently borrowing my iPod to listen to Ricky Gervais’ Podcast. Looks like he likes it.

Storys of a Student Pilot

Hey all, if your up for an alternative read you should try one of my mate’s blogs.

Ed is learning to be a commercial pilot (after a few years of dancing around it). He went to Jerez, Spain, last week and has just posted his first update about what the course is like. Sounds as though it’s Pilots Uni, in the drinking sence but with more work (if sterotypes were true).

As for my news, work was heavy today, almost too heavy I think. I bearly got through my fundamental tasks. Anyway, I’m so frazzled from it that I’m going to give Meadow Park a try.

Going to Dreamhost

Well folks, prepare to see a few changes in the next few days.

The whole site is moving to Dreamhost! Sorry 1&1, you just can’t compete with em and I don’t care that I’m hosting overseas.

I’ll be getting the basic Level 1 Package, 20gb space! 1 TB worth of bandwith, boatloads of extras. Should keep me quite happy even though I’ll never use it.

I’m also only going to pay $10 a year thanks to a coupon!

The address of the blog will move to!

WB Finance: That photo dump you all wanted is coming soon!