Whistler Day! Holy crap those twin tips are fast!

Today me, Rachel and Dylan (and later Liam) went up Whistler. Me and Rachel stopped for breaky at Roundhouse while Dylan made a lot of quite poor quality calls to us to find out where we were. We got 2 runs in before he turned up to make us look bad.

Dylan, a skier for 10 years+ was on some twin tip Dynastars that moved faster than chavs from cops. Plus he spent the whole time edging (something which I copied and gained a lot of semi-controlled speed out of).

Liam showed up later and lost his goggles after 2 runs, but fortunatly not the goggle bag I was using to clean them.

We ended up doing nearly every bowl, the peak to creek, upper dave murray and a full run from Roundhouse, via Enchanted Forest and Olympic to the base. Apres in the Longhorn!

Great times!


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