Powder Day!

35 CM of new snow was enough for Alex to wake me this morning and to tell me to get my arse up the gondella. So I cane my way up there since Alex was making out that the snow was melting as we spoke. I actually ended up beating him there, so I got the fatty breaky in.

Me, Mark, Alex and Matt did some pretty nice powder runs. Both me and mark had great trouble keeping our skis on. The two of us were running on narrow, high radius skis when really we needed fat powder skis. Still, excuses… we lost our inside edges quite a bit. But hell, we were knee deep in powder and the boarders kept grinding to a halt. Really hard work on the legs.

While doing the peak to creek I had to get on the phone to ski patrol since one of my bindings came loose and I didn’t know how to reset it. Of course, once I get off the phone I find the catch that I need to move the rear binding and reinstall it myself. Thanks ski patrol, sorry I called you out.

Still, the Asian Rice Bowl I had for lunch (after smart times had ended so I got it for K2 Public Enemy or the Rossignol Scratch Sprayer BC. However I’m torn between those two (which I can get for $650 with Bindings) and perhaps spending a bit more and getting the Scratch BC or Scratch FS. Essentially I’m looking for something twin tipped, good all-round performance on most surfaces (perhaps leaning a bit towards European conditions if I think long term) that will last me a few years. I’m currently skiing at level 5 (pole planting but sometimes forget, single-black/red runs, parallel turns with edging etc…), and want something I can continue to progress on, but at the same time I have to think how forgiving it will be after a years break or so….

Anyway, tea was had in Crystal Lounge and Karoke was heard.


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