Ski Break 1!


Yesterday Frank announced that we could all go on a ski break (for the first time) today!

So, after plenty of emails and texts we sorted ourselves out to all meet at Base 2 at 8:20.

This time arrives and out of an office of the 26ish eligable, 11 turned up. Even Frank didn’t make it. It later turned out Elaine wanted some private practice so was on the lower slopes. Anyway, attending were:

  • Me
  • Helen
  • Rochelle
  • Liam
  • Hayley
  • Rachel
  • Cathrine (who as it turned out had the same skis as me but the Womens version
  • Chuckles
  • Michelle
  • David

(hope thats everyone and I didn’t exactly count)

The powder was great and everyone was skiing/boarding really well. We did plenty of the North Side runs, including Rock and Roll, Backstage Pass, Springboard and Zig Zag.

One of the big things I did was grab a pair of Scratch BCs from the demo tent! Oh my god. I must have those skis! It was like skiing on the palms of God himself! It was a blissful hour of control and great powder ability. I also liked thier performance on hard packed/ice. Unfortunatly no other ski is going to do, I want that one! (more soon)

Anyway, final part of the ski break was rushed somewhat. Me and Liam uploaded back to Glacier Creek when Catherine, Rachel and Michelle skiied down. We fancied some good food. But we had to get it quick because by the time we were seated it was 11:20. We had to be back and ready to work in the office (in normal clothes and shoes) by 12! I downed some chilli, liam necked some soup then we both went like buggery down the slopes. I lost Liam quite quickly and then skied into thick fog. There’s nothing quite like skiing at top pace when you can’t see more than 30 metres in front of you. There was no tree line to follow either (FYI, its easier to see if your near a dark surface in fog). Still, I did a record time of Glacier Creek to Staff Housing of 7 minutes!

I made it to the office with 20 minutes to spare. Janet as it turned out was ill, Jenelle didn’t get the message, Alan’s arm was falling off (he dislocated one arm this weekend but popped it back in, and cut the other hand). Frank had to sort his domestic stuff out. Lots of excuses.

The rest of the day was spent calculating how I would get the Scratch BC’s and how much they would cost. The Glacier Shop is having a Staff Sale this Friday and my god I’m in! The bindings will even be a bit cheaper and I can get all 06 stuff! I’ll post the financial rundown some time soon (yawn). Either way, I’m going on Payrol Deduction Destruction! $75 a week for 2 weeks to cover the excess I don’t have. I also have to decide if I want some new poles since I cant be bothered to repair the Gabel ones I have (one is bent).

So in closing, skiing was good and I’m getting a pair of Rossignol 2006 Scratch BCs with Rossignol 2006 Scratch 120 Comp Bindings.


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