Quiet few days

Oooo whats to tell….

  • I’m spreading Windows Messenger Live
  • I’m trying to spread Skype, but its difficult because I CAN’T DEMO IT WITH THIS INTERNET CONNECTION TRANZEO (sorry Matt, it’s still flaking)
  • AJ threw a metric fucton of snow through my window at 2am last night, I’m going to cave his head in next time I see him
  • I walked a pisshead back to HOUSE tonight
  • I spent Ł20 on Dominos for myself (note: In retrospect it was a crappy move since I can get a Tuna Sandwich for $10)
  • I’ve been working like mad at work. I’m doing the invoice print for Hayley, as well as the Tour Op Voucher pulls for the absent, and all my own auditing and AR (inc. the big voucher entry) and all the extras I do in the day
  • I’ve got $40 to last me till Friday if I want to stay on budget
  • I seem to be reading about Google Maps a lot
  • Web 2.0 is a crappy awful book-selling buzzword! O’Rielly, you have a lot to answer for. To all you web 2.0 social network websites out there, please enforce minimum inteligence standards when using them.
  • The Daily Show with John Stewart and The Colbert Report are hillarious

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