7 Day Update

Well seeing as I’ve slipped MILES on keeping this blog up this is, once again, just essential updates.

Big Mike’s Birthday

This one had to be messy, he was turning 30! Straight after work we all went straight to Merlin’s and started rocking down $1 pints, and Jager Bombs.

For those not in the know, about what a Jager Bomb is a shot of Jagermiester (like Aftershock) which is dropped, still in its glass into half a can of redbul in a larger glass. This is promptly necked.

Big Mike had about 7 of these, along with plenty of pints and whatever else we could find for him. We then headed to Garf’s where general all out dancing was had.

Edit in 2009: It seems the photos have been lost from this one

Ski Break

Everyone had hangovers. However some of us were wise enough to rock down a pint of water and some chips before we slept. Big Mike was thoughly still drunk! As soon as he saw the powder he was more excited than Shasta when she sees someone go near the snackbox. And as soon as he got the chance he abandoned all sence of fear and was doing insano-crap, most of it resulting in powder stacks. It should be noted that only me and Helen could witness this, everyone else was too wasted to make it.

However, the morning-after crew and Frank (yes! Frank finally made it!) were all at Glacier Creek. We did some fantastic runs, 7th Heaven was great with 10cm of powder! We all made it to work, all of us a few minutes late (Frank included). Working til 9, totally worth it.

On the way up!

On the way up!

On the way down!

On the way down!

Whistler on Saturday

Forgot my wallet, big thanks to Janet, Rachel and Liam for lending me cash! I got to have my greesy breaky after all. We all did a load of black runs etc.

The note of the day was trying out the run below Garbonzo Chair. This looks a lot easier from above, so me, Liam and Rachel were up for it. We lost Liam, who peeled off down some run when he saw an uphil bit that he would have to walk. We continued, and wound up basically in in-bounds backcountry! Plenty of bumps and moguls, trees, cliffs to avoid, all of them on narrow steep runs. At the bottom was a creek that was covered with snow enough to cover it, but not enough to support a grown-man on a pair of skis on top of it. Took me 10 minutes to pull my way out of it and crawl out of it.

Me and Rachel were so pleased to see a nice, gentle run.

Oh yeah, and the Peak to Creek was open. Thats a fantastic run! 4 1/2 miles!


More of the same. Did a lesson in the morning but got bored so I decided to try the PtoC again, this time in a blizard at the top and fog midway down.

I also found a bunch more of black runs that I liked.


Terrain Park time! Was time to see if those Twin Tips were worth it. They were, however my boots were not. I was later told that my 5th Metatarsle (spelling please doctors? thats the lump on the side of my foot behind the toes), was pressing against the side of my (wide-fit) boots. I had to come down the mountain early and put them into Can-Ski overnight for punching. So I was bored for the day and was really enjoying doing jumps in the terrain park and trying boxes before I had to come down…

Anyway, I went for 2 for 1 ribs in the evening, damn great ribs, seriously like Flintstones size! Veg, choice of Fries, Wedges or Salad, Butt-Rub Mayo and a Biskit (thats like a scone crossed with a dumpling), all for under $10 at Dusty’s!


Work, went to see Crash, drank




Auzzy day!


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