Dusty’s, Curry, Dusty’s Backside

Tyler’s Birthday and Aussy Day

Thursday was Tyler’s 25th! Everyone got out of work like a bat out of hell and I had to pay for the bus to Creekside with 40 pennies. We rocked in for our first serious night at Dusty’s.

That place (which is WB owned, in Creekside and apparently is Whistler’s Original Watering Hole) is great. Very relaxing, music isn’t too loud, works well for convos. Loads of people turned up and a lot of Kieth’s was drunk.

It was also Aussy Day, so every Aussy was in a great mood. Notable absenties were Shane, Big Mike and Kelly, all of whom had been drinking in Longhorn’s since ridiculously early.

Curry Night

All of the Brits hadn’t had a decent curry since we left England, on average about 3 months ago now. 19 people signed up for it in the end. Much debate was had about what curry one should consume. In the end, I decided this holiday was the time for my first Vindaloo!

No, its not that hot over here. Infact every curry fit that description, if curry’s in England were at 5, these would be a 3. Frankly, that’s what I wanted, a somewhat savory curry that doesn’t obliterate me.

That’s what I thought for 10 minutes until me and Big Mike (also consuming realised this was a sleeper.

Anyway, spent $40 that the meal alone! More than twice what I usually like to spend in a night!

Today’s Skiing

Today, both mountains were utterly rammed. Lifts me and Rachel tried before actually anywhere:

  • Excalibur Gondella up Blackcomb
  • Wizard Express up Blackcomb (then used the Magic Chair to get back so we could ski to the other Gondella)
  • Whistler Gondella
  • Garbonzo Express, where we finally got up there.

We then switched to the Gondella again at midstation. That’s 6 lifts before any skiing thanks to the numbers of people.

What brought the day up though was that, after we skied down to Creekside, we found that we could get 50% off at Dusty’s Backside with Staff Discount! Pulled Pork Sandwich for $4.85, yep!

Anyway, both me and Rachel came down early since the mountain was just too full really.


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