Going to Dreamhost

Well folks, prepare to see a few changes in the next few days.

The whole site is moving to Dreamhost! Sorry 1&1, you just can’t compete with em and I don’t care that I’m hosting overseas.

I’ll be getting the basic Level 1 Package, 20gb space! 1 TB worth of bandwith, boatloads of extras. Should keep me quite happy even though I’ll never use it.

I’m also only going to pay $10 a year thanks to a coupon!

The address of the blog will move to hpka.net!

WB Finance: That photo dump you all wanted is coming soon!


One thought on “Going to Dreamhost

  1. I was thinking about them as well. I was just looking around to see how good they’re before I go with them. I’ve heard alot of good “comments” about them. Also, they seemed to be around for quite long time now. Anyways, The reason for the comment, could you share the coupon you’ve used to buy it which will allow me to pay $10 dollar a year only. Thanks in advanced

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