Dad, Gill and the Lads over

Hey folks, another multiple strike of an update for you.


Bee-lined straight from work as soon as they got off the bus, thanks Frank and Donn for letting me go! Was down at the Delta in 20 minutes, after stopping for shave and to get the lift tickets! Was great to see everyone.

Jetlag had a firm grasp so Room Service from Milestones was quickly ordered and consumed, then they all bedded down and I headed back to HOUSE for some sleep.


Skiing Day 1. I was down and in the hotel room at 6:30. We spent 1hr getting everyone geared up and ready. We then went to Elements for some nice breaky, Fritatas are really a lot better than I thought. I was however convinced that my skis would be stolen from the window they were leaning on while I was distracted by the latest stream of crasiness from the lads.
Once we finally arrived at the hill (with my skis) we spent another hour getting everyone’s rentals sorted. We met up with Romina, our Croatian Ski Instructor for (what would turn out to be) the week. It was 10am before we got up the Gondola.

As soon as we step out however, William throws one, and keeps throwing one, and keeps throwing one. After a while of this, Romina says that the lesson simply WILL NOT work in the 2 Adults, 2 Kids format (as I said when we booked it). I go and beg Whistler Kids to let us use a Yute that they have to give William a tiredness break (in which he still threw one) as Gill has some time with Romina.

We then switch to Dad having some time as Gill takes Will down and I do a few basic bits and bobs will Tom. I realise prompty that I haven’t got a clue about teaching skiing so it was really just showing Tom what skis could do, not how to do it. Still, its not as hard as you would think holding a 6 year old between your knees and going down a slope.

That evening, after a bit of rest, we headed to the Brewhouse. That place is great, good food, fantastic microbrews and a miniature train that goes around the bar! Shame the kids fell asleep promptly.


More skiing! This time we decided that it was better to put the kids into a 2 day adventure camp and just have Romina and the Adults. I got down early and we went for another Elements breakfast, we were more on time today. Just got the kids checked in, then I went to ski with the usual Finance Gang while the lesson got underway (it was a good idea I did, I would be distracting and I would be bored).

Did some fantastic runs in great weather! Blue skys at the top of the Glacier on Blackcomb are brilliant! Did some Terrain Park stuff as well, as much as I don’t like them, I’m doing a lot of spines these days. Rollers are a lot of fun.

Met up with Dad and Gill for lunch (FYI, 20 minutes from the top of the Blackcomb Gondola to the top of the Whistler Gondola is impressive), also introduced them to the gang (who followed at a more leisurely pace). Things were going great!

We picked up the kids who had also had a much, much better day. We decided to go swimming in Delta’s great outdoor pool, which the kids loved as they could jump from the side onto mine and Dad’s heads.

We headed out, eventually ending up in 3 Below for some grub. Worked very well because they had some Sliegh Dogs (Alaskan Racing Labradors) that the boys could stroke. Another good restraunt choice by me!


We got another day with Romina, who Dad and Gill were really taking to, and she was very patient with them taking her out when coming off the lifts. I stayed about for the first bit, then met up with Rachel (at 10:30! Sleepyhead!) and did some superfast runs with her. Dave Murry Downhill is too much fun!

Met up again for lunch in the Roundhouse where the lesson was going well, and apparently the kids had been seen mauling the ski instructors in a riot like pack!

We decided that Monday was a day off for us all, the Tube Park and shopping were there to be done. That evening we headed for a GREAT meal at GLC! Mushroom Soup on the Patio under 3 heaters while watching Fire and Ice is beyond fantastic. Dad and Gill really really liked it! 3 Good Restraunt choices!

After heading back to the hotel room, I stopped in Tapleys for a chat with the lads before home and well deserved sleep.


I arrived to find them all in the Pool, which I decided not to go in since i didn’t have my shorts. Pretty relaxing start none the less. Eventually we were out the door at a record lateness of 9:30 am!

I took them all for an explore and a bit of shopping, and we got some Tube Park tickets. Lunch was going to be a light snack, Merlin’s Nachos. I thought that these would be no problem for 5 people. How wrong I was. Dispite all of us liking them (although the lads picked off the olives and the jalipenos), we still had leftovers. Another great patio-based hit!

A ride up the Magic Chair (which the kids loved) later, were at the Tube Park, finding out that Will was too small for it and that Gill and he would have to wait while me, Dad and Tom went down. Still, was good fun. Took them all to my flat afterwards, pretty cramped so I managed to hurry them out the door. I was going to show them the lounge but it had been closed because HOUSE had thrown a strop about people using it and decided to treat us like we were in school. I wasn’t happy and I will be writing to them soon.

Ummm… skip forward to dinner, which Dad booked this time. Milestones is not great food or service, but it tries hard and could be good.


We were back with Romina, the kids were in 2 single day lessons now. All 3 in the lesson really got on well and Dad + Gill promptly treated Romina to lunch at GLC (i.e. some nice mushroom soup!) and also invited her to Val Des’re that evening. Little did we know she worked there, but she accepted anyway.

Had more good fun skiing in the afternoon. Great meal in the evening with Romina, we now want to go to Croatia! Again, another good resteraunt tip by me!


Back at work, but I had enough time to run down for breaky and get everyone to Ski School. Last day with Romina too unfortunatly, last skiing day on the holiday. Still, emails and phone numbers have now been exchanged and I will be helping Romina find a good laptop in the near future.

Catching up with 5 days of work isn’t that hard, even if your now handling a lot of accounts, and I mean a lot!

Evening was spent in the Keg, which is the NICEST Restaraunt we found and my best tip yet. $40 on Steak and Crab Legs is really worth it for the last night. 2 tired boys and thier Parents were now heading back to England with the Skiing bug. FYI I had to carry the lads home on most nights this trip.


Got up early too see everyone off, breakfast at Aunt Em’s Kitchen and made some summer plans. All in all a really really good trip for them all! Was very sad to see em go.

Still, Merlin’s that evening for Brad’s Birthday and 2 MORE days off coming up would help. I was caught up on work too.


Ski Day, great weather. Alan caught and edge and nearly hit a lift tower while falling off a cattrack and dislocated his shoulder.


Me and Rachel do some early morning skiing then go to meet Liam, Janet and Alan. Liam had been in Merlin’s since 9 watching England v Scotland and Footty.

We went to see Simple Plan at a FREE Gig in Whistler Village Square. It was really really good, and Simple Plan sound a lot better live. I bet they are a lot better when your watching them from a rooftop hottub as some were doing!

We then embarked on a pubcrawl which took us (including before Simple Plan):

  • Merlins
  • Gondella (bevvy on the way down with Rachel)
  • Longhorns
  • Liquor Store
  • Crystal (no drinks)
  • GLC
  • Cinamon Bear
  • Blacks Pub


Work then Steak Night, I’m tired.

Leisa’s Pre-Birthday, Sponsored by Jagermiester


Leisa, bless her soul, was having 2 Birthday party’s for her 25th! The first of which was last night. Everyone headed to Merlins after work. Tea was promptly consumed and it was becoming quite clear that the night was basically a grand pissup. Even Dylan came out to support the side, and he’s just had surgery on his ACL!


Jagerbombs were hottly consumed all night. Alan, Liam, Brad and Steve seemed to be going for some sort of imaginary record. They were knocking back $11 Double Jagerbombs in Merlins like there was no tommorow. Me and Hayley came up with a better plan, and when we left Merlins, we headed to the Liquor Store and picked up a 3-shot bottle for $6 and necked it outside. God, we were both nearly sick but it would have been cheaper sick than the others. Janet was particularly giggly at this point and was making wierd faces pressed against liquor store glass window. No cops saw us thankfully. To God, IOU 1 Favour.


Anyway, after a bit of tramping around we ended up in Garfs, free to get in for all. Me and a fella who had been helping me in CanSki yesterday spent 30 seconds in the queue staring at each other blankly wondering where we knew each other before it finally clicked. I saw the sign on the left and realised that the night was going to get more drunken. Was nice to finally be drinking Stella again and remembering home, Kokanee isn’t loosing its appeal though, don’t get me wrong.


Anyway, I charged round pinning the cardboard hearts on the girls that I was getting by taking them off the wall displays. Im suprised the bouncers didn’t kick off about that, but I didn’t even see them aside from near the doors. The photo to the left is the face Caroline immediatly made after I called out to her using the name “Crasy” to get her to look at the camera.

Danced about till 2, then we all headed to the (British-owned but North American tasting and sized) pie shop. I say its North American size because the pies were only 2 1/2 inches wide, a proper late night pie should be 4 at least. So I had a freshly made sausage roll and walked up the hill, leaving the others to freeze for the bus.

Later, I heard (loud) calls outside my window. When I answered in only my boxers, Alan, Leisa, Janet, Hayley and Caroline… said they had pretty much nothing to talk about. The whole building was probably awake at this point.

This morning I was fine, but everyone else was hungover. The office was pretty sedate apart from me, running like a headless chicken doing SOD stuff. Liam confessed to breaking a bus window before he came to meet us. Good times.

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