What I’ve been doing…



God my arms and chest hurt from all the workout! Was doing Start/End of Day at work again and catching up with all my new clients and audit locations.

Thoughout the day we all wound up planning a giant trip out to Bill’s, hell, we needed to use those locals stickers. After work drinking started in earnest. I had 4 Kokanne and a shot of 75% Rum at Liam’s! We all then pack into Bill’s (seemingly with the rest of WB’s staff) and start sluggin em back there.

Unfortunatly, those who I live with had a worse time getting in, apparently they were “on the vip list”, but after waiting for an hour in the VIP line they were told $8 to get in (note: normal door, with a 2 minute queue when I arrived, was $6 or free with a sticker). Helen did the sensible thing and headed to Tommy’s.


Not really hungover. More SOD/EOD stuff. Did a Night Moves in the evening, followed by a Clubhouse Sandwich at Merlin’s. That’s my new favorite sandwich people! Toasted triple-decker! Letuce, Tomato (yes, I am eating Tomato), Chicken, Cheese and Bacon!


Whistler! Started at Dusty’s Backside for some of thier famous breaky. Was pretty good, British Bangers, Canadian Bacon, BBQ sauce, Tobasco. Moderate, wholegrain toast but buttered, eggs seemed a bit funny. Bad: Canadian HP sauce.

(Disjoint Sidenote: I’m watching S1 Ep 23 of Lost. This was shot in 2004 or early 2005. Why then did they just refer to Memoirs of a Geisha? We all know that they probably wern’t talking about the book. Hold on, that make’s pretty much no sence whatsoever, ignore this)

The group for this one was David, Lyn, Alan, Janet, Steve, Me and later Hayley, and later still Liam. Here’s a group shot we took at the top of Whistler:

Whistler Peak Group Shot 3 Feb 2006

Really like that shot, although running faster than a self timer through very deep snow is harder than you would think, especially in ski boots.

Rest of the photo’s are here

EDIT: How the hell did I forget about this?! Janet went flying into some deep snow at the bottom of Upper Peak to Creek. She decided to take her board off, and then allows it to fall into a tree well. After waiting 10 minutes, I decide to hike back up with my skis to find her waist deep in snow, Steve going very slowly towards her. I crawled on all 4’s out there, grabbed one of Steve’s poles and retrieved the board. Total time taken to get it 2 minutes. Now, I’m not a bitter man, however I will still take revenge even though I’m not. A superb hockey stop sprayed the whole group, I laughed.


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