Can I remember this week? I don’t think I can

Seriously friends… help me out on this one and the post from Saturday 6th!


Uhhh… I think I was in Merlins.

No wait I remember. This was my first Sunday of work on my new schedule. And it was my first sushi sunday! BC Rolls and Beef Donburi are extremely nice! No supervisors in the office but we managed to get the work done well none the less.


Work, played some TA: Spring with Steve (I think).


Work, went to Merlins in the evening. I might have been playing TA Spring here.

Work. Went to Bills in the evening


Ski Break! This time we wanted to do Whistler, so we went and grabbed some Fresh Tracks tickets! $15 for an all you can eat breaky and some nice fresh runs so we were told. The breaky was pretty good, all the preprocessed food we could eat, plus some fruit which I got for lunch :P. Although, by the time we got out, people were already making thier way up the Creekside Gondella (when we got there), so we only did one run more than them.

Spent most of the time charging round cattracks with Janet and Steve trying to find the rest of them. Who knows where Frank got to. Was -10C! Ended up coming down early, I nearly lost it on the ice on the lower runs, for the first time on the K2s.

Later, I noticed my phone was missing, and was more than likely sitting in snow somewhere on Whistler, and it has a white case!
Went to Merlins in the evening after leaving work at 9. Drank 4 $1 pints in quick sucession. Thanks Steve for keeping those tickets for us!

Skiing all day, gym in the evening. Was finally off the piss thank god!

Ok, I can remember a bit more about Friday (but hell my memory is getting bad).

It was a fantastically sunny day! Me, Janet and Alan got up early in order to get a greesy breaky in at the Wizard Grill before heading up Blackcomb on the first lift. Good move. 7.45am wake up is worth it for 7th Heaven, freshly groomed! Spent nearly all the first run taking a load of photos. Queue was massive when we got back.

Did some new gladed runs which I really liked. Also tried out our copied GS style skiing on Lower Gear Jammer, a fairly unknown blue run on the south side of Blackcomb. Totally quiet, totally great. Really really fast!

Had a pulled pork sarnie at Glacier for lunch then we hit the Terrain Park for a bit. Then I went back down and headed to Lost Property and … got my phone back!

Evening was spent in the Gym and Pool.


More of the same as above.

Got a haircut for the first time in 2 months, and bought some American Crew Fibre. Good, until you pay $44 for both.

Evening was spent drinking stupidly in Crystal Lounge.


Work, Hungover. Looked at a North Face jacket I might buy, can’t decide.


Work. Clear headed.

Went to Dusty’s with Steve and Raj for 2 for 1 ribs. Was really good, learned a lot about WB company structure and how to get on Pro Ski Patrol. Saw a lot of Olympic Skiiers break thier ACLs.


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