Leisa’s Pre-Birthday, Sponsored by Jagermiester


Leisa, bless her soul, was having 2 Birthday party’s for her 25th! The first of which was last night. Everyone headed to Merlins after work. Tea was promptly consumed and it was becoming quite clear that the night was basically a grand pissup. Even Dylan came out to support the side, and he’s just had surgery on his ACL!


Jagerbombs were hottly consumed all night. Alan, Liam, Brad and Steve seemed to be going for some sort of imaginary record. They were knocking back $11 Double Jagerbombs in Merlins like there was no tommorow. Me and Hayley came up with a better plan, and when we left Merlins, we headed to the Liquor Store and picked up a 3-shot bottle for $6 and necked it outside. God, we were both nearly sick but it would have been cheaper sick than the others. Janet was particularly giggly at this point and was making wierd faces pressed against liquor store glass window. No cops saw us thankfully. To God, IOU 1 Favour.


Anyway, after a bit of tramping around we ended up in Garfs, free to get in for all. Me and a fella who had been helping me in CanSki yesterday spent 30 seconds in the queue staring at each other blankly wondering where we knew each other before it finally clicked. I saw the sign on the left and realised that the night was going to get more drunken. Was nice to finally be drinking Stella again and remembering home, Kokanee isn’t loosing its appeal though, don’t get me wrong.


Anyway, I charged round pinning the cardboard hearts on the girls that I was getting by taking them off the wall displays. Im suprised the bouncers didn’t kick off about that, but I didn’t even see them aside from near the doors. The photo to the left is the face Caroline immediatly made after I called out to her using the name “Crasy” to get her to look at the camera.

Danced about till 2, then we all headed to the (British-owned but North American tasting and sized) pie shop. I say its North American size because the pies were only 2 1/2 inches wide, a proper late night pie should be 4 at least. So I had a freshly made sausage roll and walked up the hill, leaving the others to freeze for the bus.

Later, I heard (loud) calls outside my window. When I answered in only my boxers, Alan, Leisa, Janet, Hayley and Caroline… said they had pretty much nothing to talk about. The whole building was probably awake at this point.

This morning I was fine, but everyone else was hungover. The office was pretty sedate apart from me, running like a headless chicken doing SOD stuff. Liam confessed to breaking a bus window before he came to meet us. Good times.

Rest of the photos


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