Got a SkypeIn Number folks!

I’ve bought myself a SkypeIn Number! This means that those of you who know it can call this UK number (probably using those free minutes you never get through on your mobile) and it will ring my PC and/or go to Voicemail (which was thrown in free).

If you want the number and haven’t already got it please email me.

I’ll do a full update later.

Ok here goes…

Finally time to write up the important bits of last week

Staff Party

Rachel and Jo really went all out on this one! 18 Below was ours for the evening! Boozing was liberal. Oh, we went tubing beforehand.

Big points of the night were:

  • The group photo (finally! we had 3 goes)
  • The steak (thanks Flora and Kevin!)
  • The quiz with great prizes (although I didn’t win the ones I wanted)
  • The liberal beer

The real great bit was getting nearly everyone, including Frank, down to Garfs afterwards.

Added photos May 2013


Work Week


Powder day today

16 cm is frankly the correct amount powder!