Quiet Days… money still draining

Hey folks! Short summary I suppose, nothing much to report:

Monday: Ribs night. Ribs were not that good, but better than Steve claims.
Tuesday: Found out that work no longer considers my website porn. Got date for employee review.
Wednesday: Met with Romina to help her get a laptop. Did washing finally! Had a night in!

Tommorow: Jenelle is leaving us, going back home! $1 pints to see her off. Also, $1 to drink the memory away of the performance review.

Quoteable Quote of the Week is from Hayley: “What is it with these trees and thier pubes?!”

Playlist I’ve been listening to quite a bit

Name Artist
Stop The Rock Apollo 440
The Boys Of Summer The Ataris
Photograph Nickelback
Have a Nice Day Bon Jovi
Adam’s Song Blink 182
Good Luck (Feat Lisa Kekaula) Basement Jaxx
Whats My Age Again Blink 182

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