What’s on the cards? If I ever find time

Finance Photos Website

I’ve set up a website (already) for the plucky folks who I’m working with. Hell, I’ve got a boatload of Dreamhost hosting that I can’t possibly fill myself, so I’m sharing.

I’m using Gallery 2. I would prefer it if this was Zenphoto, but I require some user management and very easy upload options. I gotta admit it, I like the Applet uploader (which is a Java Applet that supports drag and drop and client side resizing of photos).

Thing is though there are some complaints. One, have you seen the skin it comes with? Two, comments support is pretty crap out of the box.

Home Friends Photo Site

As above, once I’ve sorted it out on my test subjects

Uni Friends Photo Site

As above again

Redesign the header on this thing

I need something new, and I need something that works in Firefox and IE (and Safari, but I don’t know any users and if you want to be my internet friend you better switch to either Firefox or Windows). I’m thinking something with a skiing theme for a few months etc… maybe some of my best shots (like I take any best shots).


Might get to that in a few minutes…


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