Raj’s and Ski Breaks

Last night we hit up Raj’s place for a house party + jam. Ended up in a lot of drinking games. The following was played:

  • Person starts counting at 1 and says left or right. Person to left or right as selected says 2 etc…
  • If the person says 2 numbers the direction reversed
  • If the person says 3 numbers, direction remains the same but a person is skipped
  • When a person hits 21, drink!


  • As per 21 but your saying Ducky Fuss or Fussy Duck
  • If someone says Dussy or Fussy (as required), direction reverses.
  • Gets complicated
  • Drink on fuckup


  • Select a visual movement (i.e. touching ear, scratching nose, tapping chest, inflating cheeks) each and declare its yours
  • Start tapping knees and someone start, firstly doing by thier own move then someone elses
  • That person does thier move and someone elses
  • Confusion
  • First fuckup drinks

Also had a ski break today.


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