David – not gone but not forgotten

David, before (after shot coming soon)David has just told me (before I ran out of Skype Credit) that he is soon to do The Mongol Rally. I normally don’t believe this, however he’s now popped the money down. Essentially he will be driving some 1ltr 8000 miles across Europe, Kasakstan, Russia and ending up in Mongolia!

I wish him and his wallet well on thier journey to the afterlife, he will be encountering policemen with oiled palms on his travels, I’m certain he will be delighted at that! It sounds like a lawless journey where protection will be nil.

David, watch The Long Way Round. It’s what insipred me and Jase to go travelling and for me to come to Whistler. Good luck to you and Team Dude Wheres My Camel! Infact this idea is going to be so ludicrous that I’m tempted to fly out and collect your decomposing carcas from a Turkmenistani ditch and ships it home in a coffin fashioned out of your car.

EDIT: James is thinking of doing it too! All of the above also applies to him.
To honour your departure from this world, I have made up your own category for this and other stupid antics of my mates


3 thoughts on “David – not gone but not forgotten

  1. A very short, amusing story courtesy of my polish friend Kasia:
    A university party was being held at this tower block in Warsaw. During the festivities some guys thought it would be a laugh to write ‘mission to mars’ on the side of the box. But every good space voyage deserves a pilot, so they placed some drunk participant inside it. Lift off took place at the top of the tower; a simple push off the ledge. When the police arrived and saw the large amount of blood on the pavement, they ran to the top of the building.Here, they found the students preparing another box this one entitled ‘rescue mission to mars’.
    I assume they are still looking for a pilot; could be a good career move;)

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