Last week

Usual Stuff, here are the highlights (if I can remember them):


Merlins then Longhorns! Intended to just go down to Merlins to meet up with whoever was there, as it turned out I was first one there. Big Mike then showed up, soon followed by Janet, Rachel and Andy. Anyway, long beer story short, I wound up at Longhorns. Oh, I also waxed my skis.
Highlight of the night: Knowing I can wonder into a bar and soon be surrounded by folks
Dissapointment of the night: Pie shop chip frier broken


Night off

Rested up for McConkeys and tried to save money


McConkeys Cup race! Me, Frank, Raj and Rachel wiped the floor with Finance. I would have been faster had I sharpened my edges.

My time, 39.76 seconds. Not that good for a skier, but I was fastest in Finance and thats what matters.

Evening, Dustys for loads of free booze and nachos! Janet won a helitrip!

Shred Night at GLC! Merlins had a private function, thier loss, GLCs gain! Was a great night of 8 pints for $8!


Everyone thought I was drunk last night… no hangover though. Skied Blackcomb. Snow is rather crap now unfortunatly. Icey mid mountain and slush below. Top isnt that good either. Groomers only normally. Still, did some nice glades were done.


More of the same really, started at Dustys for breaky and then came back to call home. Then met Janet for lunch.

Went to work for 2 hours to make up the time, then went to the gym with Alan.


Mountain so crap I came straight down and called home. Videoconfrenced on Skype with Dad and the whole family (bar will who was asleep and anyone from the Formoy family who isn’t Emma). Then roamed round town and got some boose for tonights College Party.

And now some stories that I forgot to word into the aboveTosca

Tosca needed an operation last weekend to remove (what later turned out to be) a polyp in her lower bowl. Wasn’t carcenogenic or malignant and shes in great shape. Shes also had her teeth cleaned seeing as she was under.


Will need a new one soon.


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