Wow… I made Cornish Pasties

Cornish Pasties (that I actually made!)

Yep, took 2 nearly 2 hours of mostly guess work. I had to hand roll (read: thump the shit out of) the pastry because I didn’t have a rolling pin (or a decent reciepe for that matter). The filling is my savory mince + some potato bits and I’ve glased them with an egg.

My review: Tough pastry, kind of chewy but nice non the less, great filling.

Any help with batch 2 would be appreciated, especially if that help STOPS me spending $20 on all the ingredients.

Its nice to have a taste of home though…


One thought on “Wow… I made Cornish Pasties

  1. Nearly died laughing at your pasties. We have opened a restaurant specializing in Cornish Pasties in Italy Cross in Nova Scotia. Where are you ????
    It would be nice to give you a “pasty lesson” although it does not really matter what they look like as long as the ingredients and the taste is there.

    “The Cornish Pasty Co” #RR1 Italy Cross N.S. Canada.

    Give us a call !!!!!!!!

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