I’m back to being a student once again!

GFG ClosedImage(195).jpg

Yup, I bought a George Forman grill.

I got sick of not having a grill (the British version of course, i.e. heating element on the top) and this was the next best option. $30 well spent! 2 steaks a night if I want them, peppered ones are merely $5 for 2 in IGA.

In other news I got wasted in Merlins on Thursday, nearly everyone has left work and its been raining (which makes skiing shit).

Classic Link of the Day

Here’s a new feature that I made up which is stuff thats on the internet and was found ages ago by me or someone and then forgotten…

This time its the South Park Create-a-Character! Flash based app where you create South Park style characters in your image. I had a go for me…


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