Videos of various Skylarking!

So recently I decided to go through a lot of Alan’s videos and upload them to Google Video. God Bless them, they went through today (takes a few days to process them)! Here is the roundup (sorry about the shitty formatting of it all, thumbnails coming when I can be bothered to go do some CSS).

  • Frank and Big Mike at the Staff Party: A discussion of the word “merr”*
  • Hayley drunk as hell in Creekside: Fortunatly for her, I was also drunk as hell, check out how supportive I was.
  • Hayley goes to the lav on a Greyhound Bus: And we were outside… you fool!
  • Alcohol Fueled Antics in The Hilton Hotel: We had just been to Cinammon Bear, and we were like bears to honey when we saw that piano. This then decends into randomness and fun with a change machine. Alan thinks this is one of our best videos.
  • Staff Party Speeches (informal): I think Alan was attempting to get all of our catchphrases and lingual pisstakes in one video. He expertly capitalizes on Janet’s pronunciation of “Credit Memo”, “Food” and “Merr”. Then it goes to random interviews. Also, I’m wearing the much famed White Hoodie in this.
  • Janet and Steve, after Jager: See Jager take effect on Janet and Steve, some folks also give thier opinion.
  • (Finally one with some Skiing) Alan on 7th Heaven: This was my first attempt to film him going down 7th Heaven. He starts moving as if the mountain is colapsing behind him and expects me to somehow keep up with this and film him. I fail for the mostpart.
  • Alan and the Gang going to the Terrain Garden: We decided to have another go, this time starting on cattrack and then heading down Easy Out, eventually ending up near the Terrain Garden entrance. It starts out with mostly Alan, but Janet and Liam end up in there as well. I get a bit cocky as we get onto the main run and actually take a more agressive line than Alan (and I’m the one filming!).
  • Spraying Janet: Alan has a go at filming me, but decides he want’s me to hold his poles. Eventually we do our favorite trick of double hockey stop spraying Janet.
  • Glove Diving under Rendevouz: Unfortunatly we knocked some guys gloves under Rendevouz while taking a picture, I went and got em
  • How to clean a ski jacket, using only what nature gives you: This lesson was brought to you after Caroline rammed (innocent) me off the lift and into a mudslick.
  • Janet on Moguls: Did I mention one of Janet’s catchphrases is “I don’t like moguls”. It’s better when you hear her say it.

Well there you have it, some visual imagery of what I get up to. These video’s are just the ones from Alan’s camera. I’ll go through some other peoples and upload some more next week. This has also provided a welcome distraction for you, the reader, from reading about the mundane stuff I get up to (just been a lot of BBQs this week really). Finally, a Q&A:

* What the hell is a “merr”?

Merr is a word Big Mike made up, it appears to have no specific meaning, however, is always an appropriate answer to any question and can always be used in any conversation (even to start one).

Folks, upload a few vids from home to Google Video, its fun. Hell, it’s just fun to browse!


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