Bikes, Skype, Slush and Drinking

Time for an update folks


Whistler Blackcomb, being a ski resort, has a lot of downhill terrain with no snow on it during the summer. So, what does one do with all that? Open a Bike Park!
Tommorow it’s an excellent staff sale at Garbonzo Bike and Bean (what was EBCB in the Winter), where we can get Bro-Deal (quote Steve) prices on bikes. Having dug around a bit, if I want to get a new bike it will come from Kona and it will be one of (probably) these two:

  • Stuff: Hardtail (without rear suspension), supposedly a dirt jumping bike. Steve says this will be a better all-rounder, allowing it to be used to decently commute about the place as well as do some park stuff. Suspension in the rear will come from my knees.
  • Dawg (possibly Dawg Deluxe): Softtail (with rear suspension), Catherine still uses her to explore x-country stuff and ride to work. May loose pedalling power because I have suspension working against me if you see what I mean, however, it adds more spring in the rear. This is also the very very top end of my budget.

I think I’ll end up buying the Stuff, unless I can find one used at a better price. I am wondering if I’d be better saving the money, buying a $200 beater, and use the money to go travelling.


You’ve probably noticed that I’ve started a worldwide SMS bombardment. Skype 2.5 BETA has been released with this new way to burn through credit. 6p a text aint bad though, and the sending ID is set to my mobile number (in Canada).


I’ve been up the mountain the past two days, its still pretty nice. Harmony is shut but it’s a short hike to get up there (still didn’t do it though, so went into Burnt Stew Basin). Yesterday was Dust on Crust (light, non adhesive powder on hard frozen crust). Made going in Whistler Bowl pretty intresting. Still, first time down Shale Slope was fun.

Today me and Big Mike swapped skis, his 05 Scratch BCs were great fun. I found them easy to turn and carve on, but I agree with Mike, they wern’t good cutting through slush.


I’ve done quite a bit. It’s BBQ season and were taking full advantage. In fact were having one on Wednesday.

Oh, Merlin’s has gone back to $5 Burgers and $10 Pitchers!


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