New place

I’ve moved into my new place. I’m now in a shared room in Building 1. Met the new housemates, 1 Canadian and 3 Brits. I know that this is a room for 4, and that, including me, thats 5, however, Tom is couch surfing for a bit.

There’s not a great deal to report this week, I’ve been eyeballing (only unforuntalty) bikes. The bike park is in full effect and there have been plenty of mud and armor clad summer maniacs being taken off in ambulances. Alex wishes to join thier ranks and took delivery of his Kona Stinkey a few days ago.

Humm… what else. Lost Lake! We had a BBQ down there on Wednesday after work, and loved every damn minute of it. Beers, steak, marshmallows, Cricket set made out of ski poles and a plank, Hacky Sack. It’s really great down there.

Also, on Sunday me, Leisa, MC, Janet and Big Mike hit Whistler. I forgot suncream… ow.


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