Its hot

Here’s another story update folks. Sporadic these days I know, I think it’s because that this whole experience is no longer a giant holiday, it’s the norm, and I can only repeat myself as much as I don’t realize.


Kelly’s Leaving and Birthday Party

Kelly, 22, leaving Whistler. The lucky bugger, before going off on her travels to Germany (to see some World Cup Fever), Ireland (to see Elaine), England (to see Fish and Chips) and Singapore (to see an airport), had the Penthouse Suite at the Whistler Village Inn Suites for 2 nights! She won them a few weeks ago along with Inxs tickets in Vancouver and ~$100 food at the Keg!


We all arrived at her suite to do the celebrity party thing before going on. Somehow (Caroline) a drinking game got started, Ring of Fire. I think I’ve explained it before but its along the lines of:

  • Cards organized in circle around a glass
  • Each person draws a card and does some stunt/tells someone to do a stunt based on what the card is (e.g. 2 = 2 fingers, 3 = give 3 fingers to someone else, King = pour something in the glass
  • If you break the circle, down your drink


This went on for an hour, after which we were all thoroughly wasted. Matt (Janet’s friend from Scotland) seemed somewhat blown away at the craziness of our bunch of friends and what we get up to. I battled MC for the downstairs toilet, carrying her out of it at one point, then I remembered there was one upstairs. Alan recorded some funny interviews of everyone, and please would he give them to me so I can put them on this website! Caroline eventually managed to force us all to go to Savage Beagle (it was for our own good).


Once we got there, all the blokes were charged $5 entry + $2.50 coat… piss off I’m paying for the cloakroom after $5 entry on a Tuesday! A white hoodie on a sofa in a club is safe. Drank a lot of HiBalls. Asked a lot of people what they would do if me and someone else in the group were trapped on a sinking ship and they could only save one of us. Found the DJ was rude when you asked him for a request. Then went to the Pie Shop and the Pizza shop (which is great), and talked to Janet’s new housemates who were also out. Lept in a taxi with them, crashed at about 3:30, work the next day. Unfortunatly, in my drunken haze I forgot to say goodbye to pretty much everyone.


Liam tells me that some of them went back to Kelly’s room and a select few went on until 6am.


The week in the middle

Well, I had some cash left over and I seem to be spending it all on light boozing nearly every night, poker, food… yeah it’s been going down and HOUSE decided that they screwed up my last rent and took extra off my paycheque this week. Great service there, thanks for telling me in advance what was going on.


New housemates

Julie (who I can’t stop calling Julia) and Jess are bleeding nuts. We work well together since we spend all our time working or partying. Just wish they would keep their clothes in their room and off the lounge floor! Still, we’re getting on well and I can tease them as much as say… Janet, without getting in trouble (at least I haven’t found the line yet).


Mongolie Grill

Last night we went to the much famed Mongolie Grill in Whistler, for the last day of 50% off. The idea is that you go along a salad bar style thing, pick anything you want (bok choy, noodles, baby sweetcorn, bison, venison, beef of all kinds…), hand it to a chef who weighs it and cooks it. $1.60 per 100g. So, 510g later I’m watching a chef play about with my food and do all sort of tricks on a massive hotplate. Still couldn’t get it out of my head that this hot plate had cooked 100 meals before mine and the only cleaning it saw was a mean looking scraper. The food was fantastic, bison tastes really nice. Granville Island Lager really isn’t that nice, still, I’ve never liked Granville Island brews. Came back to find Julie and Jess in a silly mood, towards the end I was worried that they might play with fire or sharp knives or something.


Keep in touch folks.


PC Fix Up Links

I always need links like this when I’m off fixing all your computers, so I’ve posted links to free and trustworthy tools that will remove 99.9999% of viruses and spyware, and keep it that way. Here is the list:

  • Adaware: Spyware Scanner/Remover from Lavasoft
  • AVG Free: FREE virus scanner from Grisoft, which also makes commercial products so keeps its virus detection rules (definitions) up to date. Also uses a lot less system resources than bloody Norton (tip: Norton, although kept well up to date, uses a disproportional ammount of system resources)
  • Microsoft Update: Provides updates for Windows and Office, run this weekly at least
  • Microsoft’s Security & Privacy: Links to lots of information on keeping your PC secure (if you keep your PC secure, it won’t get spyware/viruses and therefore not be slowed down by them)
  • Spybot S&D: Spyware Scanner/Remover, independent maker. Better still… they do a Tutorial on how to use it (better than I can write!)
  • Windows Defender: Spyware Scanner/Remover from Microsoft

In addition to the above, have the built in Windows Firewall turned on. I’ve got to hand it to Microsoft, they did a good job on getting something inobtrusive and secure going. Combined with anti-virus, a frequenty updated copy of Windows and the occasional anti-spyware scan… well I have no trouble.

So in summary, you should have all of the following true about them:

  • Anti-virus software running
  • Windows Firewall running
  • Automatic Updates or Windows/Microsoft Update run frequently (weekly)
  • The occasional Anti-Spyware scan: whenever you think that there is something odd about your computer (pop-ups, wierd harddrive activity, slowness), and perhaps every 2 weeks/month. Make sure you update your anti-spyware package beforehand (all of the above have updating tools inside the application

EDIT: FYI folks, I personally only trust the above mentioned sources, plus some commercial ones in terms of security. Simply typing “Spyware Remover” into Google does produce the above links, along with a load of advertised crap that was probably made by the spyware makers themselves.

Ben Kontor and Joshua Bradford

Hey folks, I didn’t want to post this until now.

2 lifties were killed two weeks ago on Whistler, in a snowmobile accident.

I’ll let you read about it all here

Getting the email shocked everyone at work, especially the remaining seasonal staff. Everyone would like to let the family know of our condolences, and our assurance that while they were appart from Ben and Josh, they were having a fantastic time and great fun.

EDIT, 20th September 2009: This post still frequently gets viewed and I’ve even had Neil, Joshua’s brother, commenting below with links to the memory of page. I encourage those who knew Joshua to go there, and the same for Ben if it can be found.

There are other news articles, from the time, that are relevant to this and I’ve decided to add them here to give a clearer picture for anyone who might be looking. This is by no means be all and end all research.

I also want to be clear that I didn’t know either Joshua or Ben, and posted this article in 2006 some time after the tragic events. I do know someone who did know them (one reasonably closely), but the initial article is from my own perspective only.