Ben Kontor and Joshua Bradford

Hey folks, I didn’t want to post this until now.

2 lifties were killed two weeks ago on Whistler, in a snowmobile accident.

I’ll let you read about it all here

Getting the email shocked everyone at work, especially the remaining seasonal staff. Everyone would like to let the family know of our condolences, and our assurance that while they were appart from Ben and Josh, they were having a fantastic time and great fun.

EDIT, 20th September 2009: This post still frequently gets viewed and I’ve even had Neil, Joshua’s brother, commenting below with links to the memory of page. I encourage those who knew Joshua to go there, and the same for Ben if it can be found.

There are other news articles, from the time, that are relevant to this and I’ve decided to add them here to give a clearer picture for anyone who might be looking. This is by no means be all and end all research.

I also want to be clear that I didn’t know either Joshua or Ben, and posted this article in 2006 some time after the tragic events. I do know someone who did know them (one reasonably closely), but the initial article is from my own perspective only.


3 thoughts on “Ben Kontor and Joshua Bradford

  1. hey all, my name is Neil, brother of joshua bradford, who was killed on whistler in a snowmobile accident on the 5.6.06 My condolence goes out to Ben kontors family who was also killed. Its hard for me cause i dont really know what to write. But just like to thank everyone who have supported us throw this hard time, from josh’s work mates over there in whistler to all our family and friends.
    Maybe one day i can hear some stories from people he was with, when he was doing his travels, i would love to hear from anyone who knew Josh. Josh is my only brother, Josh and i had great times together not only we were brothers, but best mates. I cant write all the great things we did, as it will take forever. I am going to really miss him but hes in our hearts and in our memories ( X,your the man bro, i love you josh )
    thankyou all NEIL

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