PC Fix Up Links

I always need links like this when I’m off fixing all your computers, so I’ve posted links to free and trustworthy tools that will remove 99.9999% of viruses and spyware, and keep it that way. Here is the list:

  • Adaware: Spyware Scanner/Remover from Lavasoft
  • AVG Free: FREE virus scanner from Grisoft, which also makes commercial products so keeps its virus detection rules (definitions) up to date. Also uses a lot less system resources than bloody Norton (tip: Norton, although kept well up to date, uses a disproportional ammount of system resources)
  • Microsoft Update: Provides updates for Windows and Office, run this weekly at least
  • Microsoft’s Security & Privacy: Links to lots of information on keeping your PC secure (if you keep your PC secure, it won’t get spyware/viruses and therefore not be slowed down by them)
  • Spybot S&D: Spyware Scanner/Remover, independent maker. Better still… they do a Tutorial on how to use it (better than I can write!)
  • Windows Defender: Spyware Scanner/Remover from Microsoft

In addition to the above, have the built in Windows Firewall turned on. I’ve got to hand it to Microsoft, they did a good job on getting something inobtrusive and secure going. Combined with anti-virus, a frequenty updated copy of Windows and the occasional anti-spyware scan… well I have no trouble.

So in summary, you should have all of the following true about them:

  • Anti-virus software running
  • Windows Firewall running
  • Automatic Updates or Windows/Microsoft Update run frequently (weekly)
  • The occasional Anti-Spyware scan: whenever you think that there is something odd about your computer (pop-ups, wierd harddrive activity, slowness), and perhaps every 2 weeks/month. Make sure you update your anti-spyware package beforehand (all of the above have updating tools inside the application

EDIT: FYI folks, I personally only trust the above mentioned sources, plus some commercial ones in terms of security. Simply typing “Spyware Remover” into Google does produce the above links, along with a load of advertised crap that was probably made by the spyware makers themselves.


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