Another 2 weeks

Hey Folks, 3 weeks to go until I’m home.

I’m pretty excited seeing as I haven’t been back for 9 months, longest I’ve gone without going to either Mums or Dads is 3 months. Thats quite some time. Things are starting to wind down here as well. I leave work on Monday, Dad and Gill get here on the 10th, I fly back on 17th, land on the 18th.

Stuff I’ve been up to… mostly working, drinking as usual saving money up. I’m still after that macbook.

Last Saturday it got all the way up to 38C! I swapped a day off for it straight away and headed to the beach with Janet, Alan, Renee, Reddog and Liam. Baking heat, but the glacial lake was cold (no Mike, IT IS NOT BATHWATER).

Biggest highlight I suppose would be Raj’s party at the Funhouse (his name) which I went to on Wednesday. Turned up, drank a 6 pack, apparently I was on fire in terms of funny quotes and left my bag there.

Hummm… there will be more when I get my camera back from said bag since it started working again.


Mid July… I should write more

Wow, sorry I haven’t updated for 2 weeks folks. Here are the stories:

ShaneO had to go

(this should have been in the last update, before Kelly’s birthday)

Shane unfortunately didn’t get his visa and had to leave. So naturally we see him off by going down to Merlin’s on Shred night and drinking ourselves stupid while reminiscing etc. Highlights of the night included:

·          Liam putting Hugo in a headlock for timeout

·          Me continuing in my quest what I can get away with when it MC (this is not an intentional quest but seems a great idea at the time)

·          Many, many pints

·          Pool tournament

·          Getting refused any more beer since I was so wasted

Very hungover the next morning let me tell you. Shane had to go on a later bus he was so bad. I think it helped him pay the $250 to get 2 large boxes of stuff to his door in London.

I’ve since heard from him and he’s landed yet another well paying job and is having a good time, will see him in a few months.

Canada Day (1st July)

Got up, got to Dublin Gate just time, started drinking. Was pretty good, $10 pitchers, open at 8am, breakfast for $5. Everyone showed up… and everyone was disappointed. Dylan was there and said that this was as close to going to a game in England as he would get, nah, they are better.

Anyway, to cheer ourselves up we bought a load of food, went home and cooked a good fryup. Gotta hand it to everyone, its was good. The George Forman grills that me and Mike had worked a treat.

We then headed to Lost Lake, with the remaining beer to chill out in the sun for the rest of the day. Me and Andy finally “convinced” Janet to go in the water, mostly by sudden introduction to it. Alan managed to swim to the pontoons with an open can. Me and him then went onto one of the smaller pontoons and (with the help of some random family) tried to get it to turn over, and nearly succeeded.

On the way back, Alan and Liam had open cans on the street. Me, Caz and MC see cops approaching and try to signal Alan and Liam to hide the cans quick, and we continued to say aloud “hide the cans” as the cops drove right by (fortunately with the windows up). Cops turn their lights on and one of them hops out, this still seems unbeknownst to the lads. In fact, the copper couldn’t get them to stop until I turned round and pointed him out to Alan and Liam, worst fugitives ever. They were just asked to tip out their open cans and received a talking too about the $150 fine they could have gotten, or that they could be asked to tip out all their booze, open or not.

Merlin’s for tea, where the waitresses seemed to be becoming more rude. Then back up to house to watch some TV.

Glacier Skiing

Can’t remember which day I actually did this, but me and Mike went up the Glacier. Its great up there, the view has completely changed. The Glacier feels bigger when it’s the only place you can ski. It is true that it takes about an hour to get there and an hour to get back. The Glacier Camps folks are sweet riders, the tricks they pull are ridiculously good. The Moguls training is insane as well. Anyway, tried the pipe, did some speed runs, a few jumps etc. Great time.

MCs Birthday

Ok, I’ve skipped a few days of my life there, this is the last thing I can really remember that’s noteworthy.

MC’s birthday was a fun affair. It started in Andy’s room where the pre-drinks were held, proceeded to MC/Caz/Leisa/Clare’s room where Jagerbombs were had, then proceeded to Bill’s where everyone had a damn good drunken dance and party. You know a night has been good when you had a good time and can only really string this much out of it. You also know its been good when your talking drunkenly in the Pie Shop at 3 am.

After that

2 Merlin’s nights in a row. Both enjoyed.

Work Leaving Date

I’ve been told now that I am leaving work 24th July. Bit earlier perhaps than I would have liked, but I’ve already stayed 3 months more than I ever thought I would.


When I get back to England, I’ve decided to replace my current laptop with one of these!


David is leaving on his Mongol Rally trip on 22nd July! Back a few days after I get back. Oh on that note…

My return date

I land back in England on 18th August. I’ll try to get my mobile going ASAP. Let me know what your up to folks.

Forgotten something in this post?

If I have please let me know!