Another 2 weeks

Hey Folks, 3 weeks to go until I’m home.

I’m pretty excited seeing as I haven’t been back for 9 months, longest I’ve gone without going to either Mums or Dads is 3 months. Thats quite some time. Things are starting to wind down here as well. I leave work on Monday, Dad and Gill get here on the 10th, I fly back on 17th, land on the 18th.

Stuff I’ve been up to… mostly working, drinking as usual saving money up. I’m still after that macbook.

Last Saturday it got all the way up to 38C! I swapped a day off for it straight away and headed to the beach with Janet, Alan, Renee, Reddog and Liam. Baking heat, but the glacial lake was cold (no Mike, IT IS NOT BATHWATER).

Biggest highlight I suppose would be Raj’s party at the Funhouse (his name) which I went to on Wednesday. Turned up, drank a 6 pack, apparently I was on fire in terms of funny quotes and left my bag there.

Hummm… there will be more when I get my camera back from said bag since it started working again.


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