Quite the annoucement to make

Im off to go and do this!

I’m off to go and do this!

I’ve decided it’s time to go travelling again!

I’ve been thinking for some time about doing something like this, and a little while ago I decided to look into it properly… then before I know it, I find myself writing this.

I’m going to do a 34,000 mile trip across 4 continents, 10 countries and lots of places I have really been wanting to go for some time! All on a flexible round the world ticket (a oneworld Explorer)! The route is roughly UK, Japan, South East Asia, Australia, NZ, USA and finally settling in Vancouver for another year of BUNAC Visa!

I’ve lifted the lid, properly, on this all today (but some people knew in advance). I’m going to be sad to leave London and the UK again, but excited that I get to do all this while I’m still young… 25 is still young right?

Have a look at this page I wrote of the route

EDIT: I’ve done the trip now, have a look in the Round the World 2009 Category for the story, or hit next post below.


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