Melting Day and a chance to show of Panoramic Photography

Why didn’t I think of this yesterday?

One of my favorite tricks, which you will no doubt see a lot of in the coming months, is to take panoramic photos.

London Snow Panorama - Clapham Common Snowmen Graveyard

Clapham Common Snowmen Graveyard

I use Hugin to stich a sequence of overlapping photos together. The above is only 3 photos and shows this graveyard of snowmen I found on the way to work.

I quite enjoy doing stuff like this….

Clapham Common facing Windmill Drive

Clapham Common facing Windmill Drive

That one is 5 photos and shows Windmill Drive, complete with police and all

The Common proper

The Common proper

This one is 14 photos and I’ve decided not to completely crop it like I did the last, gives you an idea of the transformation Hugin does on the photos to stich them. Although, I can’t fully say I understand it, much less explain it.

Urban Panorama

Urban Panorama

This 7 photo panorama was taken on the corner of the Triangle near Clapham Old Town and shows cock pond. As you can see , the road gives more an idea of what sort of distortion you can get with this sort of thing… well, its not really distortion, its just we haven’t got cylindrical screens yet.

Has been a blast in the snow! Here’s hoping for more.


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