Last few days in France

I’ve done pretty much everything I can, been run off my feet for days, but it’s all done now and I’m sat on JL422 writing this on Windows Live Writer.

So, my last 3 days in France

On Sunday 8th March we headed to Marseilles for the day. I’ve landed there plenty of times so wanted to see what it’s like…


Hardly bad is it!?

We had a quick lunch of Moule et Frite, but we really wanted to get out to the island of Frioul. This is a ferry ride across the bay, basically out into the Med. Now, a ferry ride is nothing right? I’ve been pissing about on boats since I was 5. But this one was a bit choppy…


People were looking a bit queasy and running off the boat when it docked! I on the other hand got up to to a high point and took a panoramic


Click on that for a the larger one. The island is actually 2 islands linked by a permanent harbour wall to create a sheltered area.

We roamed around for a bit and found this rather nice view…


That building down there is a fish farm, but it was a quarantine hospital for sailors arriving back from Africa many years ago.

On the way back, those seas gave the ship a bit of a pounding again… nothing like a young girl chucking up green vomit all over her parents and the floor to add charm to any voyage.

Now, at this point in writing I can feel myself getting tired, so I’m going to have to speed up… please, no comments thanking me for that.

The day after we headed to Arles. We had to pick up some framing materials but made a day of it. The main thing about Arles is that it’s a Roman town, complete with coliseums! Tick that off the list!


I’ve been dying to go to one for ages… but unfortunately this one, as good as it is, is a bullfighting ring in its spare time…


Had to leave the borders on that, it shows the place… but perhaps a better view was had at the top!


What a fantastic town! The catacombs of the coliseum were amazing and still faithful to what was there in Roman times.


A total highlight for me!

The next day I flew back. Note to self: You cannot get into Nice as easily as you think from the airport. Don’t assume 2 hours is enough time to go in on the bus and get a relaxed lunch!

However, when I got back, somewhere in Liverpool John Lennon Airport, I lost my bloody wallet. Just what I needed 3 days before flying to Osaka!

Fortunately I had my Visa in my passport wallet, and could still fly… bloody hell though!


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