The frenzy before I went! But now I’m on the plane!

Bloody hell! Bloody hell! How frantic do you want to get!?

I spent Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th on the run, constantly! I was getting travel money sorted (tricky without a debit card, but nice to walk around with a pile of cash)… and did you know there is no Travelex in Manchester Airport!? Thank god for M&S and the Post Office.

I was doing all the hard admin work before I left as well, still changing addresses, last house bills, closing various accounts. It turns out I left a lot of stuff to the last minute… for example you need to give Softbank 3 days notice if you want to rent a SIM!

Sorted out all the backup plans in case stuff goes wrong. Scans of the passport and important documents made. It turns out that if I get in bother I can get a $2000 cash advance from any HSBC since Dad is a Premier customer (also a bit handy when you loose your card!).

Still falling asleep on the plane… speeding up again

Last night we slugged down my spare bottle of Moet after my leaving meal (Steak! Just straight up Steak! Leaving lunch was Fish & Chips). I then went upstairs and packed like crazy! I was up until 2am, but it was done! Even got the Yorkshire Tea and McCoys Crisps that Janet requested in there!

Today, up at 8, Sausage Sarnies for breaky (Clive, do not mention this post in any speech you do about me at a later date) and headed off to Manchester Airport in Dad’s Jag XF SV8 (I mention this because that’s the last fancy car I will be travelling in for ages).

When we go there… it transpires BA still hadn’t bloody well issued the tickets! I was 2 hours from starting a Round the World trip and the guy at the desk had to call all sorts of folks to get them sorted! But he did it (thanks to everyone at Manchester Terminal 3 BA Ticket Desk!) and I have some rather nice looking stuff printed on ticket stock that I must take a photo of later!

Well here I am, 10 hours after that point, finished dinner on the flight and writing this! I’ve naused up my landing card so badly I had to do another, I think the stewardesses are getting tired of questions (but I’m not the only European asking them!)

Time to watch South Park and go to sleep… I’ll post a more exciting entry later.

I’ve started the world trip proper!


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