I’m writing this on the iPod Touch on the Shinkansen on the way to Tokyo. Excuse the spelling problems an this will be short, it’s hard to write a lot on here. There won’t be photos in this one. Lent my laptop to Janet this week

So, to use up the Saturday after Beppu but before Janet finished work in Osaka, I headed to Fukuoka! However, now more than ever should I have done some propped research before I went!

When I got there at about noon, I decided to go on foot to see the place. Bag rolling along behind I made good time to the Canal City. This place reminds me of what I’m told Vienna is like! Lots of Canals basically and old school looking buildings.

It was then time for lunch… I found a Japanese Curry House, serving Japanese Curry (try Chicken Katsue at Wagamama if you want to try it in the UK). Having ordered and customized the curry down to amount of rice in grammes and even heat level, I then read in the LP guide that this place was famous for Ramen noodles… And here I was eating curry. No bad thing! It was tasty!!!

After that I headed round a few shrines, but spent quite a while lost in shopping centres. I did stumble across the Apple Store so checked out the new iPod Shuffle and the MacBooks and to email Janet I was on the way back. Forgot to mention, email is used instead of SMS over here, pretty much universally. Would be very handy if my bloody BlackBerry worked over here!

Anyway, I got round a few more shops and temples then headed for the Shinkansen back to Osaka. 5pm departure shouldn’t be a problem to get back for 7 on the bullet train right?


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