Himeji, Thai Visa pickup and Kyoto again

Still on the Shinkansen on The Touch

Yesterday I did a packed day! First off was a quick Shinkansen trip to Himeji, to see a propperly traditional Japanese castle that everyone recomends

Here I’ll have to put the photos in later again! But it was cool, not as comercial as Osaka. Wood floors (no shoes allowed), weapons racks, holes to stone attackers from, proper quarters as they were, informative signs, great views, great visit.

I then headed back to Osaka (just missed the Shinkansen so had to take the cheap train) to get the Thai visa. At the consulate, the console was pointing at my passport a lot and looked like it wasn’t happening. Prepared for the worst, the guy came to the window and handed me my passport… Complete with visa!


I the Shinkansened it to Kyoto again and went round the imperial palace park for a while, run tried to to the castle but it was closed. Dinner was beta-yaki, a crispy pancake noodle thing!


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