Korean BBQ Night

Still on the iPod Touch and on the Shinkansen

So that 5pm departure seemed to be not enough time! I fell asleep on the Shinkansen and woke up at about 6:45. The blissful “I’m 15 minutes away” feeling wore off as I realized we weren’t even past Kobe yet! Got to Osaka by 7:30, when I should have been in Nishinomiya! Only got there at 8:15.

I had an emergency shower to get the Beppu sulphur off, then we headed to Namba for Korean BBQ, forget the propper name!

We met some of Janet’s mates, and some of their friends… Who, it’s fair to say, like to have a drink! Much singing, cheering and cheap (¥120/£1 a pint) drinking!! When I get the chance I’ll put the bid in this post.

The idea of the Korean BBQ is that they bring you a plate of bite size meat and you cook it yourself at your table on a charcoal/gas burner! It’s awesome! As is all the food here!


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