Yokohama after the Hard Rock Cafe

I used a fork for the first time in 2 weeks! I sort of wish I hadn’t since I was aiming for 2 months, but nevermind.

Now after about a week I’m trying to recall exactly what went on.

After the Hard Rock’s Western-fest, I roamed the streets some more. I was picking between the Landmark Tower or the Mitsubishi Technology Museum.

Unfortunately, I chose wrong.

The Tech Museum was well thought out and very interesting, but was targeted at school kids for the most part. When I got out I knew a lot about the Japan Space Program, but by that point it had clouded over and the Landmark Tower wasn’t worth 1000 yen anymore.

I headed back to the hostel for a bit then found some decent Japanese food for tea. Ended up just being a quiet one as this wasn’t the most social hostel in the world.

The next day it was on to Nara…

Now, a few photos from this jaunt…



CIMG3600  CIMG3589 



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