On the day I headed back to Osaka, I realised I needed to fill that day before Janet got off work. Nara was the perfect choice for this sort of thing!

It’s a great town, small by Japan standards (or so it felt). Most of the sights are in easy walking distance of the train station (however, there was a distracting CoCoICHI Curry House which tore me away from them for 30 minutes!).


Roaming round this place, you notice a lot of tame deer, like Miyajima. These ones are not so interested in your clothes since you might be handing out deer biscuits (but I preferred to hang on to my yen!).



That one was particularly happy to be photographed!

I roamed round the usual temples etc, including the largest wooden structure in the world!


The Great Buddah hall houses, as you would expect, an enormous statue of Buddah. Incense burning pots were everywhere and these must make my bear jacket smell of rubber (which Janet says I stank of when I got to hers!)


Anyway, I found the hiking trail, and given that I had the main bag in backpack mode (which is unbelievably handy), set off round it.



Was a great hike about! Like home in a lot of ways. I then jumped on a train back to Osaka for a night out!


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