Janet suggested we head to the Cherry Blossom capital of Japan, Yoshino! This is more of a countryside village with a rail station than a town… perfect! But it’s still a tourist trap to some extent, albeit Japanese tourists.


Oh… and its yet another UNESCO World Heritage site! I’m seeing loads of these!

The day was spent basically walking up through the town then up the hiking trail behind it. We had a proper traditional Japanese lunch, served in a traditional restaurant (i.e. low tables, legs folded on the tattimii mat floor) of Udon. Hiked on but had to stop every so often since Cherry Blossom to Janet is like cat-nip!




And when we found an observation post (which I was sent to reconnoitre ahead of Janet) I was set upon by a group of Japanese tourists wanting photos! They insisted they took one of me as well… which I won’t post since it looks rubbish. But we did have quite a lot of fun when we found this spot at the back!



Anyway, we eventually made it up to the temple at the top. Chilled out for a bit then came down the mountain again, a hell of a lot quicker!

To refuel after all that, back in Osaka I ate this!



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