The Reunification Express

Yesterday was an angry day!!

Firstly I got a $15 ticket for $19 for the train, and then the public busses were too far away so I had to get a $10 taxi!

That arrived 2 hours early so I went to get done supplies and lunch. I stumbled across CRC, a pisstake knock off of KFC. But I sort of liked the look of it so I went in… My god! This place modelled itself after a fast food joint but did table service, proper chips, drinks in glasses and a properly good beef burger! Was a real find! Proper tasty!

Then I chilled out in front of the air conditioner in the train station until train SE3 arrived. I had a soft sleeper with aircon but they didn’t mention my seat was broken and was reclined permenantly! Not too bad, but I then had to listen to the in train tv the whole 8 hour way! I drowned it out with the Adam and Joe podcast for some of it and slept some more, but it was mostly trying to ignore that by eating Oreos.

When I got here I tramped to the first decent sounding hotel in the LP. Had to change rooms because the window could not be closed! The aircon isn’t that fast to cool my current room down, so I have it set on freezing all the time.

Still, Nha Trang ain’t bad!


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