First few days in Bangkok

This is a post without photos for a change…

I got to Bangkok at about 7pm and on the way in spotted a Tesco that I resolved to go to as soon as I could. I had also gotten word that quite a few British brands were here so thought I would go and have a look, I’ve been away nearly 6 weeks now!

Anyway, at Ekamai Bus Station got on the Skytrain and headed straight for the National Stadium where I had leads on several guesthouses… all of which turned out to be full. I did also spot the Hard Rock Café… had to go there after I found a hotel. Eventually I found the Atlanta Hotel, which had a 50’s Art Deco lobby and was like checking straight into a film noir set… I loved it. I didn’t like the overbearing posters that gave an overbearing list of rules. Admittedly I had gone to that hotel because I wanted to steer clear of sex tourism etc, but this was too far in the other direction. The amount of rules and the in your face nature of the publication was too much. The room could also have been a lot nicer, even for a budget hotel. But still, it would do nicely.

I then went straight to the Hard Rock Café, ordered a filthy huge Legendry 10oz Burger and listened to the live band. Ended up spending nearly 1200THB/£24! Went a bit crazy on Western civilisation… and it took it’s toll on my insides.

The next day I got up, had my favorite breaky of Musili and Fruit then headed to the shopping centres. The big on, MBK, was the main attraction. 7 floors, 2000 shops! Even in that situation I found shopping tough!

Lunch was Dim Sum… humm that was very tasty…

Went to Siam Centre and a few other spots nearby, but mostly hung out at MBK… had a bit more Dim Sum….

Anyway, there was a boots there so I’m going to reload on Boots Suncream etc (less expensive, more plentiful and no chance of it being faked). I also went to that Tesco I mentioned (and the Carefoure near it)… turns out both are not like what I would find in the UK/France. Carefoure was closer, but still very unique (as you would expect). When I got out of them it was raining, as only SEA can deliver! Thank god I had a poncho and the boots are waterproof!

Anyway, that evening I hit the nightmarket and found more Dim Sum… I also looked at quite a few shops but still my shopping hesitation prevented any purchases, not even an England Rugby shirt for 250THB/£5. I eventually chilled out with some Chang listening to more live music at the Food Court. Had some more Dim Sum on the way back, in fact, a double helping…

That’s 40 Dim Sum in one day!

The next day I resolved to move from the expensive place to the cheaper Khao San Road area. This is sort of a backpacker mecca of SEA! It’s all cheap accomodation (but not so cheap, you can still get similar deals near Siam), and bars, and a market with good T-shirts in it etc (I finally bought a couple, but it seems I’m not a medium Tshirt, more a large). I also got a guesthouse with decent aircon and WiFi, K.S. House.

Last night was quite fun, Red Curry for tea then 150THB Margaritas that went down all too well. I bought drunken Falafal on the way home… I think I may be drinking a bit too much…

Now I’m off to explore Bangkok again!


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