Last couple of days on Ko Tao!


So I was done on the OW course and had a couple of days to kill on Ko Tao before heading to Ko Pha Ngan for the full Moon Party!

Honestly, these were not that interesting of days. I spent both of them on the beach trying to get a tan (seeing myself in the video convinced me that under the shirt needed some work). I did made some good headway into the book I’m reading though!

The first evening I headed back to Seashell Resort for more of that great seafood. I bumped into Jay and Rachel again so we had a sober catch-up. Eventually we headed back to Big Blue so they could borrow my laptop and check on a few things. Then they went home and I went bar hopping.

The next day I moved to a different resort (Big Blue wanted me to dive again, sorry, the ATM is empty) then headed to Mae Haad to check out the other town on the Island… probably should not have bothered. It was mostly the same sort of thing as Sariee but without the really good beach. Still, it was a change and good exercise! And it’s not all bad, don’t get me wrong:

CIMG5474 Arty shot alert!


Anyway, I went back, did some more tanning then had a Thai for tea. A lot of the bars here also show movies at night (I wonder where they are getting the latest movies with Russian titles from?!), so I watched a bit of Slumdog Millionaire then went home as I was rather tired for some reason and I needed energy for the Full Moon Party.

Then the next day was spent mostly trying to get a tan, by roaming the beach. Funny thing was, I bumped into another friend from home, Polo! I had no idea he was here! It was bonkers to see 2 people from home, both by chance, on the same Island (although I did know Jay and Rachel were in the area… I didn’t know Polo was!). Another catch-up session was had!

Then it was off to Ko Pha Ngan that afternoon!

CIMG5522 Without a doubt, I’m coming back here!


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