Whale Shark Photos from Ko Tao

A couple of days ago I got an email I had been looking forward too. Remember on Ko Tao we got to see a Whale Shark on my last day of Open Water Certification? Well Stephanie on the boat had an underwater camera and was kind enough to email the photos!!!

P5060122This was the first thing I saw as I approached. This massive tail in the water. I couldn’t stop thinking “Jaws, Jaws, your swimming towards Jaws himself!”. (note: Whale Sharks are harmless, toothless fish that will not even try to taste you)

P5060124 Then I see it’s back! Wow! Look at those markings!

P5060125 And finally I get a good look at the front!

P5060128 The photos don’t show the shear number of snorkelers present


P5060135 It’s more likely he will eat it than the other way around

P5060143 Anyone who could dive did!

P5060147 This is probably the best shot of them all! Look at it’s back!

Just to be clear and fair, these were not my photos.


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