I decided I had to skip Adelaide as Giles was not going to be able to meet me after all due to his Pilot Training keeping him busy. I had heard that, without people there, Adelaide wasn’t that much to see, and I was meeting Tracey in Sydney so I wanted to get there.

So I did! The ticket allows me to change flights (for only a local service fee, in this case AUD60/£30 to Quantas) but not change the route (in which case its service fee + £125!), so I made my Perth to Adelaide and Adelaide to Sydney near enough back to back (3 hour layover though). It was actually my first time doing a domestic connection and I nearly got foxed by the fact you walk directly and unhindered between the gates which are usually in the same hall!

Anyway, got to Sydney at 7pm. Waited for bag which for some reason came out later than any other bag! Raced round the terminal and found Tracey then we headed to the hotel + dinner to catch up.

The next day was when the real exploring started

CIMG5967 The Bridge (I have clearer shots but I like this one)

CIMG5968 Me and the Opera House



CIMG6009 Had to be done!!!

Anyway, after some exploring we headed for Newcastle!


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