Out of bed early and heading to Newcastle Airport to get my flight I booked 12 hours before! On my way to Brisbane!

When I got there I went straight into “I’m getting a flight mode”, an uncontrollable state where I ignore the ample time I have and assume every moment not spent proceeding to the gate is the moment that will make me miss the flight! I think this was not impressing Tracey!

Anyway, it turns out you can take as much liquid as you like onto domestic flights from Newcastle, it’s just they are not that keen on you taking screwdrivers that you have forgotten to take out of your wash bag on there!

Slept the whole way on my private row of 3 eats on the way up.

Once I got to Brisbane I jumped on the AirTrain and bee lined for South Brisbane, stopping only to grab a sarnie to stop starvation! When I get off the train I’m looking at a great city centre location and Alan and Hayley coming towards me! It’s great to see them after months, and to see them again now they are on the other side of the planet!

Their flat is amazing! Brand new and great spot! We headed straight out to explore the South Bank!

CIMG6402They are copying another south bank I know well…

CIMG6404But doing it better I think


We headed for Streets Beach, an artificial beach with an outdoor pool, real sand and quite packed for the end of May (think the end of November in the UK, it’s winter here!). A rather cold swim later we went back to the flat, got changed and hit the CBD.







We headed for the flat again and Hayley cooked up a great pasta bake for dinner! We put on some stand up but me and Alan decided we felt like going out to find some bars, which we did! 1 Aussie Pub and 2 Irish Bars!!?


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