Back to Newcastle

It was 5:30 am in Noosa and I had to get up as quietly as possible in the hostel room, slide out and get to the bus stop then start the trip back to Newcastle.

I had a much better trip back then I did on the way up. I got to Nambour station in an hour then hopped on the train, this time it was more like an Intercity one from home. I can’t tell you much about the trip, just that I was asleep for most of it and was lucky to make it off the train at Central.

Met Alan and Hayley again for the morning (of mostly computery things I must admit) and had lunch back on the South Bank (wow sushi is good over here!). Was great to see them again (hint: both you come to Canada!). Alan also managed to get me interested in WordPress templates and what I might be able to do with it for my Mum’s website… now that’s a hard itch to scratch on the road!

Back to the Airport and jumped on Jetstar back to Newcastle where I was met by my favorite nurse. That same nurse decided half way round a roundabout that we were going to explore Stockton, much to my surprise!


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