Well what is there to say about Thames? This is really a summer destination if you have a car.

I checked in to the Hotel Imperial (which is better imagined as rooms above a pub). NZD20 a night is very good and Room 4 was comfortable, if a bit far from the toilets and it could do with a little more heating. The best thing though? I was the only one in the dorm room!!

I went out for an explore but had a small panic when I realised that i needed to get a letter off to the Student Loans Company ASAP and I had forgotten to print it back on Waiheke Island. That took up more time than you’d think and cost me NZD5 to print and send it internationally.

Err… I went exploring and found the following views…

CIMG7164 This is … the town

CIMG7167 This is low tide?

I went and got dinner from Central Seafood, a place with quite large “traditional takeaway” signs on it. However, when I got in there I quickly saw that what I thought would be your standard chippy was a mixture of gastro-chippy (multiple choices of fish, muscles, oysters and other fancy things available) and mc-chippy (burgers and other fast food that has no place in a fish & chip shop)!

Anyway, went back to the hostel to eat that then parked in the bar for a pint. I was the youngest in it by 20 years so I finished up and went for another wonder to find a younger spot… there were none!?

Went back and had another pint and listened to some live music but decided it was time to escape tomorrow as soon as possible. Alarm set for 07:45!

The next morning I wake up at 10:30 (only 30 minutes past the check out time), immediately want food so go to Pak n Save for a change (the scones are quite nice!) and then headed to the iSite Visitors Information and Bus Ticket Place… only to find I was stuck here until 3:30! Furthermore I was told I would basically have to go back to Auckland if I wanted to go anywhere interesting… errrrr? Ok, bought a ticket.

I went on the internet myself, found that I could get to Tauranga after all, so thankfully could refund and exchange the ticket! I have to say that I like Intercity Coaches policy when it comes to that! As I write this I’m sat just outside the Visitors Centre trying to keep out of the rain.

So, folks, if you ever fancy coming to Thames take this advice:

  1. Come in the summer
  2. Bring a car
  3. Do better research than me

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