So now I’m in Taupo and all these posts are still trapped on my laptop. You’ll likely be reading them in one giant bulk later.

I got here yesterday afternoon, went straight to iSite to find a hostel and settled on Urban Backpackers, mostly because they gave you free Internet access and I had to send an urgent email and make some Skype calls.

But, first things first, there is a day out there to enjoy. I got checked in, grabbed some maps and then headed off on a hike to Huka Falls. This is about a 16km round trip. I had been doing a lot of walking in the last few days, my legs were quite sore when I set off…

CIMG7360 Surely this will just be a walk in the country?

CIMG7368 Still reminds me of Yorkshire



CIMG7380 You know, I don’t fancy bungee jumping… ever

CIMG7390 Getting to the main part of the walk now

CIMG7396 Ah, that must be the Hot Water Stream then!

CIMG7397 I popped my hand in there, it’s like bathwater!

CIMG7403 I cracked on down stream. Great water!

CIMG7405 British Rivers would not look like that. They are very strict on keeping water based pests and weeds out. You have to clean your kit a lot.


CIMG7421 Finally I get to Huka Falls – this is the upstream view from the bridge

CIMG7423 And the downstream one

CIMG7434 After it’s raced through that canyon, it ends up here. 68,000 litres per second

CIMG7435 This was my walk back… what sort of name is Kevs Track for a track?

CIMG7448 Still, the Redwoods looked pretty cool

CIMG7453 Who left that?

Anyway, I was quite tired on the way back so stopped at Pak n’ Save for a few more of their Rock Cakes which I’ve become addicted to. I also grabbed a dinner I would have in London, pre-pack pasta and microwave “fresh” sauce. Upon eating it, it filled me up more than the pizzas I had the 2 nights previously!?

I then got talking to a few folks in the hostel, including my roommate, Cliff, drank a bit at the bar until it closed, then we went to another bar playing pool until that closed. Have you ever noticed that you get worse at pool as the night goes on?

Today I didn’t feel like getting on the road again so I checked in for another day. Cliff informed me I had been talking in my sleep! Something about TF2? Dunno what was going on with me.

Today has mostly been spent roaming, unsuccessfully trying to find another decent walk. Should have just rented a bike. I started a on a trek west around the lake, but soon realised that there was no path in sight.




I then headed for the mountains that overlook town… they didn’t seem that far away… turns out they were far away. I ended up near enough the base of them that I could have reached them, but I realised I didn’t have enough daylight left to do anything proper, so I turned back and did the other side of the lake as I headed back to the hostel.



CIMG7518 This is a great little competition. If you get a hole in one in that from the shoreline you win NZD5000! $1 a try. It’s about 20m out.


CIMG7526 You know what, I’m mighty impressed with this McDonald’s playground! That’s a DC3!!!! They also had a normal playground but you could hear the kids scrambling into that plane from miles away

And now I’m back in the hostel trying to decided on Fish & Chips or another Self Catering wonder for tea. I also need to work out where I want to go next. Oh well, will use some of my free internet time to determine it. You’re probably wondering why I’m not using that free time to do these posts, well, it’s not wireless for one and I’ve got the backlog on Windows Live Writer, and if it’s limited time, believe me, you use it wisely.

Update the day after: WHAT? Firstly I couldn’t easily get to Waitomo, then Intercity cost me NZD48 to Hamilton? If Hamilton sucks I’m going back to Auckland


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