Back in Auckland again

Back again and back to Nomads Fat Camel as I couldn’t be bothered finding anywhere else. I did pop into the iSite in the Skycity Atrium though to grab some tourist info I didn’t end up reading. It was quite a good thing I did as I bumped into Nikki, who I met the first time here, in the lobby! Chance.

Anyway, I did a little exploring and took a few snaps


CIMG7572  Now that’s a station!

CIMG7581 Looks like Harrogate!

I then went an found a Warehouse store so I could get Tracey a few bags of Pineapple Lumps as that was her only request from NZ! Ended up getting 4 bags of the things… I wonder what AQIS will say.

Anyway, again I didn’t really want to do too much that evening, so I had the NZD7 BBQ meal + pint at Fat Camel and then chilled out watching tele and sneaking additional pints up there since you were not supposed to take them out the bar.

Remember how I forgot to pack my parents? Well Fat Camel stepped in to help:


This morning I was up at 5:30 checking out of Fat Camel (which by the way doesn’t look very clean compared to all the other hostels I’ve been in in NZ) and getting the Airbus on the way back to Sydney and then Newcastle to see Tracey! Yeah!


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