Sunday roaming

Remember how I said you shouldn’t blog about day to day… I forgot to add that you shouldn’t do it all the time. I’m just going to blog about this Sunday for no good reason at all. Last night, the Canucks lost in game 2 last night, I drank a few beers and watched Downfall. I can remember going to sleep so I’m happy I didn’t drink too much.

I was up early for Shaw being fitted this morning. Honestly, I don’t know why they didn’t just courier the cable modem and splitter? The guy just popped over, screwed the cable into the wall outlet and typed some stuff into his phone. I could have done that had they couriered me the stuff! Well, when you take me to the internet, I’ll spend hours on it!

3 hours later I realize its become a great day. So out I go… I’m writing on the SeaBus to downtown. Will update later…

Later comes… in fact, I write this a day later!

Well, that was quite a roam! After a $13 all you can eat Sushi lunch at Kisha Poppo in Downtown, I felt like a wander… so off I go.

Filming in Progress outside the Vancouver Art Gallery

While in Downtown I firstly went to Robson Square to check out where I watched the closing ceremonies of the Olympics a couple of months ago (wow, it’s been that long already!?)… it was a lot of hobos these days! Still a good spot, but they should have kept the zip line

What they were filming

Then as I was heading past the Vancouver Art Gallery where they were filming something… not sure what… seemed like a period drama. Quite a few cops and a huge blinking crowd looking at proceedings. I doubt they will be trying to pretend this was done in the 1700s.

Anyway, roaming onwards I headed down Robson Street towards Stanley Park… making only one stop at American Eagle on the way. I love that place! Great stuff… although I do have a tenancy to buy everything from there! The Running Room also had some large sale on… makes sense, summer is here!

Eventually I get to Stanley Park, and decide my wonder will take me clockwise round the seawall… keep in mind this is supposed to be an after lunch stroll… I’m now off on the 8.8km seawall walk! Cue the photos!

The Vancouver Rowing Club

I assume this is where they go rowing. The camera on the Nexus one does not do justice to the great weather!

That skyline I like so much from a different angle!

You see those Yellow Sulphur piles... they arrive on trains (that go through Lower Lonsdale at night, blowing their horns!!!!!!!!)... always wondered from where...?

Well here is my answer! Alberta sends it!

All of the fun at the Port of Vancouver Lookout made me realize I should probably keep this wonder going all the way round to the Lions Gate Bridge

This gives you an idea of what a great spot this is

There's the Lions Gate Bridge... and the North Shore Mountains

Thing is, to get up to that Bridge… you have to make your way up the hill in the centre of the park. So into the interior I go…

Is that a redwood?

That's quite a bridge!

Prospect Point... has a bar

My patriotic shot of the day

Pity the camera made this one all purple

Now at this point I put the phone away as I was strangely paranoid that I would drop it off the bridge into the Burrard Inlet below. Once I got to the other side, something went through my head and I decided I would finish the whole way back to my place on foot! So there I am, tramping away what I normally do in the other direction in my friend’s cars! Eventually I’ve done about 16km.

When I got back I realized that was quite an afternoon stroll I took there! Felt fantastic but needed to find a way to loosen up my legs! I need to get a hot tub fitted!

All the photos are from the Nexus One.


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